Q. When do I pay for my rental car?
A. You pay for your rental car at the point of collection.

Q. What form of payment does Ballantyne Car Rentals accept?
A. We accept credit cards [Visa, side effects Master card, approved American Express], nurse US Traveller’s Cheques or cash [local dollars, US dollars].

Q. What Information do I need to have with me when I collect the car?
A. You will need to show a valid driver’s license along with your passport.

Q. How do I add an additional driver to my rental car?
A. An additional authorized driver must satisfy the age requirements of Ballantyne Car Rentals and have a valid drivers’ license. One additional driver can be added at no extra cost but two or more additional drivers will have a daily charge.

Q. Can I keep my Ballantyne Car Rentals vehicle for longer than agreed to in the car rental contract?
A. If you would like to keep the vehicle longer than what’s stated in the rental agreement, you must contact the car rental office to receive authorization and to find out about any additional cost you might incur.

Q. How do I contact customer service?
A. There are two ways to contact a Ballantyne Car Rentals representative: through the Ballantyne  Car Rentals website at ‘Contact US’ and via the telephone (246) 432-1775.

Q. Can I reserve a specific make, model or colour of vehicle?
A. We are unable to guarantee a specific make, model or colour of vehicle but we do try our best to meet your request.

Q. Do I return the vehicle full of fuel?
A. The rule is: Return it as you Received it.

Q. What happens if the rental vehicle gets a flat tyre?
A. If you have any maintenance issues with your Ballantyne Car Rentals’ vehicle, you should contact us at (246) 432-1775.  We have a 24 hour emergency service.

Q.  What should I do in the event of an accident involving my hired car?                          
A.  The local police and Ballantyne Car Rentals should be notified immediately and full details of the third parties should be obtained.

Q. Is there an insurance excess?
A. Yes. The insurance excess is $375 US payable in the event of an accident.

Q. Do I have unlimited mileage?
A. All rentals come with an unlimited mileage allowance.